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UK counsellor and psychotherapist online directories

This links page is for clients looking for a therapist - a counsellor or psychotherapist - in the UK. Please note, as with all the other links, I'm providing these signposts as a useful starting point, rather than endorsing particular organisations or individuals. Please note that this isn't an exhaustive list, and the modality directories in particular tend to reflect my particular areas of work and knowledge.

Directories for national membership organisations


The register of the BACP - the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

National Counselling Society directory of UK counsellors.

Find a therapist - the directory for the UKCP - the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Directories for different therapy modalities/approaches/training institutions

The 'find a body psychotherapist' page of the Body Psychotherapy Network.

Association for Core Process psychotherapists directory.

A listing of ecopsychologists based in the UK.

The practitioners pages for Embodied-Relational therapy.

The UK practitioners' page for the European Association for Body Psychotherapists. 

The Internal Family systems UK directory

Find an analyst - the Association of Jungian Analysts directory.

The directory for Person-centred Association practitioners. 

ProcessWork UK practitioner listing.

The 'find a therapist' pages for those who trained and qualified at Re-Vision in London. 

The practitioners pages for Wild therapy, a form of ecopsychology practice.


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