#MeToo: Counsellors and Psychotherapists Speak About Sexual Violence and Abuse - release date 14th May 2020

Throughout 2017 and 2018 Deborah Lee and I co-edited a #MeToo inspired book written by counsellors and psychotherapists (and other 'psy'  and growth workers). Each of the 14 chapters are written by a counsellor, psychotherapist or therapy client and are followed up with an exploratory dialogue between writer and peer. Together the contributions form a community of #TherapistsToo voices, brought together in the hope that readers within and beyond the counselling and psychotherapy realm will feel less alone and more connected.


This is a book for anyone wanting to understand the ubiquity of sexual violence and sexual abuse. It’s about how to respond, support, raise awareness, campaign and be part of creating a culture that says #TimesUp!

We hope that the 25 of us involved in co-creating the book have made a rich and nuanced contribution to #metoo, a significant political intervention for psychotherapists and counsellors, both qualified and in-training. And big thanks to all who have made the book's creation possible so far.

PCCS Books are publishing this collection on 14th May 2020, with pre-order available from 1st April, ISBN: ISBN 978 1 910919 53 8.

Meanwhile, you can read more about my reflections about the 'birth' of this book in this Medium article.