Training in supervision in 2012 naturally followed on from my life long love of being in learning environments, whether that’s as a learner or as a teacher. Since finishing the Diploma in Clinical and Creative Supervision I have enjoyed working alongside counsellors, psychotherapists, body work practitioners, ecopsychologists, ecotherapists, and other kinds of 'growth' workers. I work one to one and in small groups with therapy supervisees in both private practice and in organisational therapy settings in Bristol and the south-west. Some supervisees are new to therapy work, whilst others have been practising for years.

My approach to supervision is integrative and relational, which follows on from how my work as a therapist has evolved. Working as a relational body psychotherapist and being a long-term meditator I am interested in inviting supervisees into and co-creating an embodied space in supervision; a collegial space which is supportive and usefully challenging as we reflect together on your client work and your development as a therapy practitioner... At times, depending upon the interest of the supervisee, this may involve movement work, gesture, breath work, and sensing in the body as well as other creative approaches.


I love my own supervision, finding it invaluable in informing and supporting my client and supervision work, challenging my theoretical and practical understanding and noticing what I need to attend to personally. In turn, I have seen how I can best support supervisees in reflecting on their client work and deepening practice. In supervising I draw upon the hundreds of hours of group and individual supervision I have been fortunate to receive and continue to receive in my ongoing work as a therapist over the past 16 years. I've been blessed to have worked with very experienced supervisors who model working ethically, effectively, and humanly rather than perfectly, and who train and practice across a range of therapy modalities: humanistic/integrative work, body psychotherapy, ProcessWork, ecopsychology and ecotherapy, and dramatherapy.

The supervision I offer is founded upon my fascination with education, learning and understanding how, why and when different individuals learn and thrive - and keep on learning and thriving, benefiting themselves, their networks and their communities. This early fascination lead me, pre-therapy days, to working one-to-one in many different roles; as a facilitator and mentor, teacher, university lecturer, and dissertation and project supervisor. I continue as an educator and facilitator through leading Buddhist study, meditation and practice days and in a therapy context, co-facilitating 'Wild therapy' training and leading workshops.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or a first conversation about supervision. I charge £53 for a 1 hour session and £80 for a 1.5 hour session. You can also find out more about other practicalities in coming for supervision.