On this page you can find details of upcoming events which I'm running or co-facilitating. I currently facilitate several different sorts of events: Wild therapy training (Wild therapy is a form of ecopsychology/'nature connection' work), I give ecopsychology talks and workshops, as well as lead events themed around the subjects of my books (meditation and Buddhism, elective childlessness, ecodharma, and social and political aspects of psychotherapy, particularly somatic/body psychotherapy).


I am very fortunate to have worked as a trainer, tutor, and facilitator since the early 1990s with a diverse range of fellow beings. From trainee therapists, activists, Buddhists, and MBA students to international post-graduate students, start-up social entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa, meditators and cancer survivors. I love learning, whether I'm holding a group, retreat, or course, or taking part in one as a participant.

In the recent past I have been invited to design and facilitate workshops, talks, retreats and residentials for a variety of networks and organisations. These have included: Bristol Psychotherapy Association, Buddhafield, Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Private Practice (CAPPP), Ecodharma (in Catalunya, Spain), CONFER, Gaia House, Hampshire Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Tariki Trust, Taunton Association for Psychotherapy, Taraloka retreat centre, Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (PCSR), Stillpoint Spaces London, The Aashna Centre for counselling and psychotherapy, The Green Earth Awakening gathering, and The Edge of the Wild annual ecopsychology gathering.

You can read testimonials about my training work here

*A note about my name*. From 2005 to 2016 I was known as 'Kamalamani', a name I was given at my ordination as a Buddhist. During this time I published my first three books. From January 2018 I returned to using my former name, Emma Palmer. Sorry for any confusion!

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Due to the covid-19 pandemic any in-person events, including the a celebration of the launch of our '#MeToo' book have been postponed for the foreseeable future. Please check back for 2021!


6th January  Zazen (one day sitting day)

Zazen sitting day, Subud Hall, Clifton, Bristol

I'm organising for Paul Crummay to host this sitting day for anyone familiar with Zazen. A chance to gather together for some new year practice! Please bring veggie lunch to share. Donations welcome to cover costs. 9.30 - 4.30pm. Please contact me for more information.

4-6th October Introduction to Wild Therapy (a weekend residential of Hampshire Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy - HACP)

Therapy has wild aspects, and rather tame ones; both can be of value at different times and for different people. Mainstream psychotherapy and counselling is becoming increasingly identified with domestication and associated concepts such as objectivity and control, with proposals to standardise training and practice. As a counter-balance, this weekend workshop will be an exploration and celebration of therapy’s wildness, its capacity to transcend the limitations we place on our own creativity and connectedness.


  • Identifying the role of the other-than-human and more-than-human – animals, plants, trees, hills, rivers, winds, dreams, ghosts, spirits – in the therapeutic process

  • Recognising the interdependence of all beings through living and co-creating community

  • Exploring the dance between wildness and domestication both within and beyond us

  • Supporting the spontaneous and the unknown, trusting what is arising of its own accord

  • Celebrating embodiment as a central aspect of our existence in the simple exercises

  • Transforming fear-based defensive practice into contact-based, more adventurous practice

  • Being with our hopes and fears in the anthropocene


The weekend will be mainly experiential, with work taking place in pairs, alone, and with the whole group. We will spend a good deal of time working outdoors. Spending time ‘in nature’, as we call it, can help us to appreciate that we are never anywhere else, always inhabiting and encountering our own nature in all its wondrous variety. We then bring the outdoors back into the whole group, allowing it to reshape our relating to one another in unexpected ways, perhaps moving us to work in a less constrained and habit-bound way. Please see more information/booking on HACP's website