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On this page you can find details of upcoming events which I'm currently presenting, co-facilitating or co-organising. I facilitate several different sorts of events: ecopsychology and Wild therapy talks and workshops for fellow therapists, practice days for meditators, as well as events for varied participants themed around the subjects of my books (ecodharma, meditation and Buddhism, childlessness and childfreedom, and psychotherapy, particularly somatic/body psychotherapy).


I count myself as blessed to have worked as a trainer, tutor, and facilitator since the early 1990s with a diverse range of fellow humans. From trainee therapists, activists, Buddhists, and MBA students to international post-graduate students, start-up social entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa, meditators and cancer survivors. I love learning, whether I'm holding a group, retreat, or course, or taking part in one as a participant.

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In the recent past I have been invited to design and facilitate workshops, talks, retreats and residentials for a variety of networks and organisations. These have included: Bristol Psychotherapy Association, Buddhafield's Green Earth Awakening, Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Private Practice (CAPPP), Ecodharma (in Catalunya, Spain), CONFER, Gaia House, Hampshire Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (HACP), Tariki Trust, Taunton Association for Psychotherapy (TAP), Taraloka retreat centre, Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (PCSR), Stillpoint Spaces London, The Aashna Centre for counselling and psychotherapy, and the Edge of the Wild annual ecopsychology gathering.

You can read testimonials about my training work here

2023 events

Book launch!
'Holding the hope: reviving psychological and spiritual agency in the face of climate change'
Holding Hope.jpg

'Holding the hope' will be published by PCCS Books on 16th March 2023. I'm fortunate to have written a chapter for this book entitled: 'Holding hope, letting go'. The online book launch event will be on 29th March, from 6 - 8.30pm UK time. It will be open to all and organised by Onlinevents - watch this space for information about joining this event. 

Here's more information about the book from PCCS's website:

Catastrophic climate change and the growing reality of the destruction of Earth’s ecosystem and species extinction hang over us all. These topics are increasingly coming up in the work of all talking therapy professionals – counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches and psychologists. They must be able to hold their clients’ and communities’ emotions and responses – fear, anger, denial, grief, helplessness and hopelessness – and manage their own.

The chapters in this thought-provoking, honest, moving and sobering book explore the frameworks, theoretical constructs and ways of working talking therapists have devised to hold hope and build agency in the face of this immensity of complexity, uncertainty and injustice. Contributors from a range of cultural backgrounds and professional disciplines discuss our inter-relationships with the natural world, indigenous practices and understandings, how to face the reality with our children and young people, how to go on practising at the edge of despair, and much more.

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