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Meditating with Character 

'Meditating with Character', my first book, was published in January 2012 by Mantra Books. The book is aimed at intermediate meditators and those particularly interested in body awareness and the process of embodiment. It explores experientially how we can engage more fully with our meditation and reflection practice through deepening our body awareness and ease in being a body-mind. 'Meditating with Character' brings together meditation and a body of knowledge from body psychotherapy called 'character positions' in exploring our body 'armouring' and how we can explore that experientially through meditation and reflection. It does that against the backdrop of humanity living through the 'great turning times' and a growing realisation that in healing our relationship with our body-minds we heal our relationship with the earth and other elements.


For more information and how to buy Meditating with Character please visit the publisher's page.


Reviews from


"As a meditator who tends to leave awareness of the body out of the process, left to my own devices, I am excited and grateful to have come across Meditating with Character, which encourages us to apply the findings of `embodiment-relational therapy' to our meditation practice. This therapy identifies various psychological patterns that we may hold as a result of our past physical experiences in life - from the experience of birth itself onwards - and introduces body awareness meditations to help the reader into a more harmonious experience of body-and-mind together - if you take the time to do the exercises and reflect on the wisdom offered, of course. (As ever, the tricky bit is getting down to doing this!) But this is certainly a book that's worth taking time to reflect on, if you're going to make the most of its imaginative and revealing approach - to meditation, and to life in general."


"I have had my copy of Kamalamani's book, "Meditating with Character" for just two weeks, and haven't been able to put it down. It will become very dog-eared...This is my impression, so far:This is a very Good Book! In the Buddhist tradition of Loving Kindness, Kamalamani offers us a deep understanding of character, and encourages us to explore where we are, and where we are coming from. We are invited to settle down and to meditate on being human, and characterful. In so doing, we may develop greater acceptance of ourselves and others, both in our strength and vulnerability."


"Connecting our experience of being in a body and mind that interact with each other and our born out of each other is a very beneficial gift to our struggle to stay whole and embodied in our often fragmenting culture. 'Mediating with Character' introduces concepts taken from western psychodynamic thought and combines this with what we might do on the cushion as we meditate! I found this very helpful indeed."



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