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Training/Facilitation testimonials

'Emma Palmer was an insightful and knowledgeable facilitator through our journey with Wild Therapy.... She held the boundaries of our work so that we felt contained but unconstrained'

'Your holding of this weekend has been quietly enormous. Thank you'

'A precious day on ‘otherhood’ beautifully held by Emma Palmer and warmly hosted by the lovely peeps at the Aashna Centre. Heading home feeling love and gratitude'


'Thanks Emma, you held this day in a warm, earthy way which was also challenging - in a good way!'


'A big thank you for providing our Women on the Couch programme with such a good talk last night. Your delivery style was so unpretentious that one might almost not notice the high level of scholarship and substantial theory that went into it; very easy on the ear and yet full of strong thinking and questioning'


 'Your style of facilitating this ecopsychology weekend was really refreshing. I found it traditional and, at the same time, quietly radical. I’m taking away a lot to think about and to act upon'


'The way you hold a group means people are able to be themselves - you offer a lot of space and permissions, which I really appreciate'


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